PEND Sites Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation is available anytime you are dissatisfied with your service. To cancel current web services please contact and let us know your current website address and a good way to contact you. All discounted or free services will be automatically renewed at the full non-discounted fee applicable at the time of renewal. PEND Realty LLC reserves the right to refuse advertising from any member it deems necessary. All services provided by PEND Realty LLC., will cease upon termination of this agreement or non-payment of dues. PEND Realty LLC. services are subject to change without notice. Termination of services due to early termination or non-payment of dues does not eliminate the collection or enforcement of this agreement by PEND Realty LLC.

Refunds will be applied to any member that was wrongfully charged at the fault of PEND Realty LLC. Refunds can be denied due to cancellation delays at the fault of the member. If you have any concerns around our refund policy please contact for immediate assistance.

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